NGO Catalyst recruits professional fundraisers for NGOs who don’t have the time or expertise to find the right person. There are not enough trained or experienced resource development professionals in the field. Finding someone who you trust to fundraise for your organization can sometimes take months, and all the while the organization will be inundated with countless resumes, virtually none of which have anything to do with the field, submitted by people who often don’t even know what the job is.

When you contract with NGO Catalyst for recruitment, you can save yourself this headache, as we will send you candidates that are qualified to do the job and that have been pre-interviewed so that you won’t waste your time. Most importantly, the recruitment fee is only paid if you hire someone submitted by NGO Catalyst, and the majority of that is only paid if they are still employed with you after 3 months’ time. The fee is based on one month’s bruto salary at which the candidate is hired.

NGO Catalyst has hundreds of CVs and after networking with other professional fundraisers in the field for more than 10years, Rachel has an amazingly extensive list of personal contacts that make her stand out in this field. Rachel also has a widely recognized knack for identifying the right personalities, hard and soft skills necessary to match candidates with NGOs – like an NGO yenta.


“I just want to say that I am very happy that we started working with you. Maybe I should have pointed this out earlier, I have worked with 2 other recruiters before and during a period of 2 months got no relevant candidates from them.  This is the first time that in less than 2 weeks I received at least 5 candidates with great potential. Thank you!”

Fundraising recruitment in Israel