• Managing Director Position – Social Wellness Center

    Managing Director

    The Managing Director is responsible, in collaboration with his/her staff, for:
    1. Articulating the Center’s Mission and ensuring that its goals, accomplishments, and
    culture are aligned;
    2. Recruiting, training and managing his/her Executive Staff;
    3. Oversee the annual/quarterly planning, budgeting and review processes to ensure
    that goals, aligned with the Mission, are created, tracked and measured;
    4. Oversee the staff recruiting, hiring, training, evaluation and promotion/correction
    5. Putting in place the organization, processes, and systems that enable the Center to
    execute effectively and expand the range of beneficiaries served;
    6. Be an advocate for the Center, speaking at public venues in Israel and abroad for
    the purposes of enhancing the image of the Center.
    7. Communicating with the Board of Directors on a regular basis, setting the agenda
    for Board Meetings, guiding the discussions and seeking assistance when needed;
    8. Ensuring that the Center is financially sound with adequate capital resources to
    execute on its Mission;
    9. Communicating with large donors and potential granting agencies for the purpose
    of soliciting funds for the Center;
    10. Supporting the American Friends of the organization in their efforts to raise
    funds and expand the awareness of the Center among residents of the USA.
    Managing Director – Job Description
    The ideal candidate will have experience demonstrating their outstanding abilities in:
    A. Growing and managing large businesses or nonprofits;
    B. Recruiting, hiring and managing talented staff members across a wide range of
    C. Leading by example, in the growth and management of an Executive Staff that
    can work together with trust and high integrity;
    D. Soliciting, managing and overseeing large financial resources;
    E. Working with donors and Board Members to gain support and donations for the
    Center, its Mission, and Strategy;
    F. Demonstrating strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills;
    The candidate must have at least 5 years experience growing/managing a large
    organization, in either the private or non-profit sector in Israel. In addition, the candidate
    must be fluent in both Hebrew and English. The candidate will need to have a valid Israeli
    Driver’s License.
    Candidate must be an Israeli citizen.
    Reporting Structure:
    The Managing Director reports directly to the Center’s Board of Directors.
    Contact Information:
    Send resumes before September 14 to:
    Responses will be sent to relevant candidates submitting their resume for candidacy.

    To apply for this job email your details to elana@ngocatalyst.org