• Fundraising Coach – CauseMatch

    Who we are:
    CauseMatch is an exciting technology start-up providing digital fundraising tools and strategies that maximize online giving for non-profits. Take a crucial part in supporting amazing organizations and their causes by providing online fundraising solutions that help them engage with their community and increase their impact.

    Our international team is passionate about making a positive change through the work we do and the clients we help.

    The position:
    As a Fundraising Coach, you are responsible for helping nonprofits plan, craft and execute smart, data-driven online fundraising campaigns. Maintaining excellence in client experience is at the core of CauseMatch. You are responsible not only for successful campaign execution but also excellent client experience.

    Further, CauseMatch’s fundraising philosophy is focused on fundraising as an art and a science. As a Fundraising Coach, you are responsible for learning online fundraising best practices, collaborating with our Nonprofit Storytelling/creative team to run experiments and gain new knowledge, and to take a data-driven approach to our campaigns.

    For each client you coach — you will collaborate with the nonprofit to develop the best strategy for their online fundraising campaign and guiding the execution process. This includes going through the non-profits resources for fundraising, drafting a fundraising strategy for their campaign, meeting with the client to go over the execution of that strategy, problem-solving throughout the process of planning the campaign and supporting the client emotionally leading up to and during the campaign.

    The Fundraising Coach is the client’s main point of contact with CauseMatch throughout the campaign and is responsible for maintaining a good relationship with them. You are responsible for maintaining and cultivating our existing client base to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with CauseMatch and have the best experience using our platform. The Fundraising Coach will oversee the campaign process to ensure that the client is having a good experience and their needs are being met. The ideal candidate is seeking an exciting position at an awesome startup with huge opportunity for growth and advancement. You will be working directly with senior level management – the sky’s the limit!

    Your day-to-day:

    Build relationships with existing clients – a goal of 100% retention and up-sell.
    Provide strategy and guidance to clients based on CauseMatch best practice.
    Support clients in preparation for their campaign.
    Hold coaching sessions via ZOOM, Phone and in-person (some travel required).
    Attend Campaign Headquarters to see the launch of campaigns and give moral support and coaching.
    Respond to questions via email and coordinate between the client’s team and ours.
    Review client marketing materials and provide feedback.
    Work with the international team and our technology development team to provide feedback and constantly improve our services.

    Your Skills/Past Experience:

    Pumped to join a growing start-up and willing to hustle
    Must have both native level English writing and speaking skills
    Past experience with online fundraising or nonprofit fundraising is a big plus
    Past experience with client relations/coaching and past roles that have required a lot of client communication and consulting is a big plus
    Cultural fluency, the knowledge of both Israeli and American culture – required
    Past experience working in a nonprofit in the fundraising department is a plus

    You Are:

    People-person, friendly and warm
    Excellent communication and writing skills
    Driven and passionate
    Great organizational skills
    Loves non-profits and wants to change the world
    Eager to learn new things and work with technology
    Happy to work independently on own projects, a self-starter
    Flexible hours (most clients are in the U.S.)
    Able to work in Jerusalem

    Apply here:>>>> https://causematch.typeform.com/to/JVqVzn

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