NGO Catalyst provides hourly consulting for people and non-profit organizations and social enterprises in the areas of fundraising, marketing and PR, project development, and strategic planning all as a part of the larger goal of strengthening your organization and your ability to fulfill your mission. NGO Catalyst will provide you with new insights and practical step by step advice and direction, whether we are helping you come up with creative ideas to raise your profile, develop your first major donor program, choose a database,  launch an on-line giving campaign, plan an event, or anything else. We can do a full analysis and provide you with a comprehensive and unique strategic fundraising plan specific to your organization.


Do you have a smart new resource development hire but have no one who can train them? This is so often the case, and the result is that resource development staff never get off to the right start and either are fired or quit in the first year. NGO Catalyst has a special Mentoring Package that provides up to eight hours of mentoring, including weekly meetings, with your new staff, for one, two or three months at a much lower price than the hourly consulting. Make the investment and start raising money and growing your organization, instead of losing money on constantly hiring new people.