Rachel Canar

Rachel Canar, NGO Catalyst Founder and Director, has more than 20 years of professional NGO experience with particular focus on marketing and resource development. She holds a BA from the University of California in Language Studies and an MA from the Hornstein Program in Jewish Nonprofit Management at Brandeis University. Rachel worked for many years in the U.S. as a Hillel Director and then at the New Israel Fund. Rachel moved to Israel in 2006 to serve as the Director of Development at the Israel Religious Action Center. In 2012 she joined Minuf as a consultant for strategic fundraising and became Associate Director soon after.

In 2015, Rachel created NGO Catalyst, providing consulting for strategic resource development as well as training, job matching, mentoring and peer networking to hundreds of fundraisers in Israel.

Rachel uses the lessons learned from both her successes as well as failures, along with a uniquely creative and strategic approach, in order to help advance Israel’s third sector. She accomplishes this by encouraging NGOs and fundraisers to make the changes they need to succeed and providing them with the skills and tools they need plus a community to support them in the process.


NGO Catalyst provides services that greatly assist NGOs in increasing their income by training, mentoring and supporting the fundraisers that they rely upon to advance their organization and its mission. More than that, NGO Catalyst helps bring more professionals to the field. Today there are not nearly enough trained professional fundraisers to work in the estimated 30,000 NGOs in Israel. NGO Catalyst wants to help NGOs improve their fundraising by making it possible for them to hire a skilled in-house fundraiser who can provide the greatest results. A catalyst is defined as “a person or event that provokes or speeds up change or action.” NGO Catalyst is the spark that you need to take your career or your NGO to the next level.


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  • I was skeptical that a single course could really prepare me for a career that I didn’t know much about, but this class went above and beyond even that. Rachel gives useful, truly practical and clear insights into the fundraising world and strategies. Not only did I get the tools to find a job in a brand new field, but I even got the job I have now because of Rachel’s help! Because of the course I’ve been able to jump right in to my new job and take on these new responsibilities head-on. I can’t even begin to say how glad I am that I took this course and found a new field that I can grow in.

    Mara Fahl Development Director

  • Excellent use of precious time! Regardless if you are new or old to the field, you will learn and be challenged.

    Amy Slater-Ovadia Resource Development

  • Rachel is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her course is packed with essential information on fundraising for non-profits as well as on organizational development and branding. The information delivered is both clear and comprehensive. The course is also especially useful. Having both studied non-profit management as well as worked in the NGO sector, I would highly recommend the course to both people who are new to the field, as well as to those who have previous experience but have not yet worked in Israel.

    Benedetta Berti PhD, Lecturer

  • Rachel's expert knowledge of the NGO scene in Israel, her deep understanding of their needs and her vast networks of professionals in this field makes her uniquely placed to match the right people with the right NGOs. It was her ability to see beyond the obvious that helped me make a career transition to the new and exciting civic-tech field. She has a great eye for seeing opportunities and a gift for connecting the dots to make them happen.

    Shevy Korzan Executive Director, Hadasna

  • The research and grant writing course that we took at NGO catalyst helped us immensely. Straight after having taken the research course, we implemented the tools and practical tips we were given and we saw results immediately. The grant writing course also opened our eyes to new ways of looking at submitting requests and standing out above the rest. Rachel is eager to help and she has a wealth of knowledge we are sure you can put to good use.

    Leket Israel Resource Development Team



Rachel Canar, NGO Catalyst has taught professional resource development to more than 100 individuals and provided services to the following organizations:

  • Leket
  • ANU
  • Maase
  • Bimkom
  • Machapach
  • BINA
  • Maze 9
  • Bizchut
  • Minuf
  • Black Box Theater
  • New Israel Fund
  • Comedy for Change
  • Ohr HaEmet Elad
  • Counseling Center for Women
  • Panim
  • Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
  • Ruach Nashit
  • Gisha
  • Schechter Institutes
  • Hasadna: Public Information Workshop
  • Shlomit Yarkoni Strategic Development
  • Hillel
  • Spay Israel
  • IDC
  • SPNI
  • Ima Kadima
  • Tag Meir
  • IRAC
  • Tamar Regional Council
  • Israel Hofsheet
  • World Emunah
  • Jerusalem SPCA
  • WUPJ
  • Kav L’Oved
  • Yahel Israel Service Learning
  • Kolech