We offer fundraising trainings for groups, individuals, as well as in-house trainings for non-profit organizations.


Consulting for people and businesses in the non-profit world, focused on increasing your capacity to do your job.


The Mentoring program helps NGOs by increasing the likelihood their fundraisers will stay longer and be more successful.


NGO Catalyst recruits professional fundraisers for NGOs who don’t have the time or expertise to find the right person.


NGO Catalyst provides services that greatly assist NGOs in increasing their income by training, mentoring and supporting the fundraisers that they rely upon to advance their organization and its mission. More than that, NGO Catalyst helps bring more professionals to the field. Today there are not nearly enough trained professional fundraisers to work in the estimated 30,000 NGOs in Israel.

NGO Catalyst wants to help NGOs improve their fundraising by making it possible for them to hire a skilled in-house fundraiser who can provide the greatest results. A catalyst is defined as “a person or event that provokes or speeds up change or action.” NGO Catalyst is the spark that you need to take your career or your NGO to the next level.


  • I was skeptical that a single course could really prepare me for a career that I didn’t know much about, but this class went above and beyond even that. Rachel gives useful, truly practical and clear insights into the fundraising world and strategies. Not only did I get the tools to find a job in a brand new field, but I even got the job I have now because of Rachel’s help! Because of the course I’ve been able to jump right in to my new job and take on these new responsibilities head-on. I can’t even begin to say how glad I am that I took this course and found a new field that I can grow in.

    Mara Fahl Development Director
  • Excellent use of precious time! Regardless if you are new or old to the field, you will learn and be challenged.

    Amy Slater-Ovadia Resource Development
  • Rachel is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her course is packed with essential information on fundraising for non-profits as well as on organizational development and branding. The information delivered is both clear and comprehensive. The course is also especially useful. Having both studied non-profit management as well as worked in the NGO sector, I would highly recommend the course to both people who are new to the field, as well as to those who have previous experience but have not yet worked in Israel.

    Benedetta Berti PhD, Lecturer
  • Rachel's expert knowledge of the NGO scene in Israel, her deep understanding of their needs and her vast networks of professionals in this field makes her uniquely placed to match the right people with the right NGOs. It was her ability to see beyond the obvious that helped me make a career transition to the new and exciting civic-tech field. She has a great eye for seeing opportunities and a gift for connecting the dots to make them happen.

    Shevy Korzan Executive Director, Hadasna
  • The research and grant writing course that we took at NGO catalyst helped us immensely. Straight after having taken the research course, we implemented the tools and practical tips we were given and we saw results immediately. The grant writing course also opened our eyes to new ways of looking at submitting requests and standing out above the rest. Rachel is eager to help and she has a wealth of knowledge we are sure you can put to good use.

    Leket Israel Resource Development Team


Some past clients include:

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26 hours of instruction over either 6 or 8 weeks

NGO Catalyst’s general course is unique in that it provides comprehensive tachlis skills – that people typically only learn from years of on the job experience and many people never learn at all: like how to set up your files and spread sheets, what financial records you need to keep and how, what giving vehicles are and how to manage them, prospect and wealth assessment research websites and how to access and read foundation tax documents, private donor cultivation and stewardship protocols, and more.

This course is excellent for those already working in the field but who have never had any formal training as well as for those totally new to the field and looking to just get started.

  • Job search and networking assistance is provided for all course participants. Continued mentoring can also be available for the first month after job placement.
  • The course is taught by NGO Catalyst founder and director, Rachel Canar, who has more than 20 year of experience in the field.
  • This class teaches everything you need to know in how to actually do the work – not just basic grant writing. Rachel explains what you need to do on your first day, your first week, your first month on the job.
  • This class will cover a wide variety of subjects that are all that is necessary to run the resource development department of a small to medium sized nonprofit organization in Israel.
  • The class is interactive and very limited in size to ensure maximum participation from students.

Cost: 1990NIS including VAT, *Discount available for new olim.


This writing workshop will review the key components required in all grants and teach the style of writing required for grant proposals which NGO Catalyst calls “distilled”. Specific areas of focus will include: making the case, mission, goals, measurable objectives for evaluation, how and when to use story-telling and more. This class will teach you to write the kind of proposal that the donors want to see and special tricks that make your grant stand out as a winner not a loser. Participants will have the opportunity to write in class, including peer review, and get feedback from the instructor, Rachel Canar, founder of NGO Catalyst. The class will include examples from a wide variety of writers and NGOs and teach how to write clear, well organized and compelling grant proposals.

10 hours, 1000NIS


Fundraising is made much simpler by using spreadsheets. Whether you are using Excel to track your daily work, keep track of donor prospects, make sure you reach your targets and deadlines; creating your program budgets for grant proposals, financial planning, or even using as your donor database, this computer program is central to so much of our work. Mastery of this program, formatting, sorting, short cuts, formulas, graphs and tables can save you hours of work and take your work to a much higher professional level. This class is a must for all fundraisers in order to be a manage all of your data and not waste time trying to do math! Regular Excel courses are much more expensive and are not tailored specifically to your daily uses. This class has been priced at a special discount because I really want you all to learn Excel!

3-4 hours, 250NIS


This session will help you better understand financial guidelines, unit rates and unit costs for personnel and other program expenses. It will also help you understand how to connect your narrative and budget, budget for various contingencies ( exchange rate fluctuations, over or under-utilization), how to address matching requirements in budgeting and reporting, when and how to ask for budget revisions, budgeting and reporting with partners, and most importantly how to use your budget as a fundraising and planning tool. The instructor, Roi Maor is widely recognized as an expert with eight years of experience in financial management and budgeting for many civil society organizations of various sizes and fields, as a manager, external consultant and board member.

4 hours, 400NIS


This course teaches how to create and implement a successful crowdfunding campaign including which platform to use and how to specifically craft your content to capture readers’ attention and make them want to donate. Additionally, this course will cover advanced social media marketing, how with money invested you can dramatically grow your following and make posts go viral, and then how to use this community to raise money on-line.

4 hours, 400NIS


This is information and skills that you cannot miss if you want to be successful at fundraising. The most important of all the courses. This class teaches you where and how to identify potential new major donors using on-line research tools of public information on foundations as well as private donors. In addition, you will learn how to assess what size donation you should request from them. We will review a variety of research websites, how to glean critical information from foundation tax documents, determine private donor giving potential and inclination and more. Plus we examine how we find potential donor names to begin with.

3 hours, 300NIS


NGO Catalyst Special Advanced Series for People Already Working in NGOs
Fundraising in the post 2008 financial reality requires a major shift in strategy as simply sending as many grant proposals as possible does not yield success, with many reporting with an average of a 5% – 10% success rate for cold contacts. This course will teach you how to move way beyond grant writing. We will teach how you begin a private major donor program in the Diaspora as well as in Israel and how to keep those donors interested and committed to your cause. The course will focus on creativity in fundraising and how you build a strategic plan that incorporates many different ways to bring income to your NGO. At the end of this series, you will have created the basis of a strategic fundraising plan for your organization.

6 hours, 600 NIS